Work Smarter With CPR!


Colorado Petroleum Rebuilders, Inc. (CPR) is the premier choice for Electronic Parts Remanufacturing & Replacement Parts for all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Electronic Dispensing Systems. CPR began in 1994 and in our 21st year we are still independently owned and

CPR repairs circuit boards, power supplies, pulsers, displays, consoles, hose controllers, registers, all printers, flat panel and touch screen monitors, keyboards, laser scanners, cash drawers, interface boxes, tank monitors, POS systems, intercoms, battery backups, leak detectors, environmental monitoring systems and computers. If your company has any specialty item, call us to inquire about its repair.

CPR also offers push-to-start products, overlays, keypads, LCD and monochrome displays and the full lines of new batteries, fans, card readers, LCDs, optical encoders, and pulsers.

Our commitment is to provide the best service, product selection, and competitive pricing for all major brands of OEM Electronic Dispensing Systems.



Core-S Program

CPRs CoreS program offers three services to our customers in the most economical and efficient manner. Core items are cleaned, serviced, tested and ready for your installation. See our warranty section for details on our complete warranty policy.

Core is defined as any non-working rebuildable item printer, console, circuit board, or any rebuildable item) that is repaired or exchanged for an identical working item.

Core Owed

First, we send you a working item you have ordered and in return you send an identical rebuildable item back to us.

Core Outright

Only the best item(s) available at discount pricing, purchased outright without any core owed.

Core Exchange

CPRs Core Exchange is a program is which you send us your item, which we repair and send the item back to you.



The word “core” is used to denote who owns the item. When an item is owned by your company and repaired by CPR it is referred to as a “rebuilt” item. When a repaired item is owned by CPR it is referred to as a “core” item. All “outright” items are disposable.



CPR is committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling electronic circuit boards. Call CPR about specific items for recycling possibilities. CPR does not pay for any items given to CPR for recycling or for shipping any items to CPR for recycling. Contact us to purchase specialty items made from recycled electronic circuit boards!



The Warranty column has either “90” or “365”. Our Limited Warranty is either 90 days or one year from the date of purchase against defects during normal use. If returned within one year from the date of purchase and determined to be a warranty it may be repaired at no charge. Shipping costs must be prepaid.



All items returned to CPR for credit are tested and if found to be in working condition would be subject to a restocking fee of fifteen percent (15%). There are no RMA - Return Material Authorization forms required. Allow CPR up to 30 days for credit processing.